The article text should be normalized in A4 paper size (30 lines on page, 60 characters in a line) –2.5 cm margins; 1.5 leading; serif Times New Roman 12p font, footnotes in Times New Roman 10p.; single leading; justified text.
The article’s volume should not be longer than 12 pages, while reviews and reports from conferences and conventions should not exceed 5 pages.
Notes, quotations, bibliography:

Notes should be placed at the bottom of the page, in the following arrangement: author’s name initial, author’s surname, title (in italics), name of the publishing house, place and year of publication, page numbers (numbering refers to continuous publications), Times New Roman font, size 10, 1 leading, Polish index names (for example: tamże (ibidem), dz.cyt. (op. cit.)).
Examples: M. Majewski, Matematyka. Zbiór zadań dla klasy V szkoły podstawowej, WSiP, Warszawa 1999. [if it is a single-volume publication] A. Zieliński, Techniki organizatorskie. Nowe spojrzenie, „Przegląd Organizacji”, nr 2/2003, s. 26-40. [if it is an article in a periodical] K. Wrześniewski, Psychologiczne uwarunkowania powstawania i rozwoju chorób somatycznych, [w:] J. Strelau (red.), Psychologia, t. 3, Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Psychologiczne, Gdańsk 2000. [if it is a publication in a collaborative work].

Quotations longer than 2 lines should be put in a block in small print (Times New Roman, 10 points, no hanging indent) in italics, separated from the main text at the top and at the bottom with one single vertical space, without quotation marks; quotations shorter than 2 lines should be put in italics in the block of text, book titles and foreign expressions are put in italics.
Bibliography (only works quoted in the text) should be listed at the end of the article in alphabetical order, according to the same rules as footnotes, with the exception of the order of placing authors’ names and surnames. First, write the surname and then the author’s first name initial.
Because of electronic editions (, it is necessary to add hyperlinks of the internet resources present in the text in such a way as to be able to see the source in the internet browser upon clicking on the www address.

1.The title of the article should be quite short and include key words.
2.The article should contain synonyms of the key words.
3.Check if the surnames of all the quoted authors are spelled correctly.