The initial selection of the received texts is done by the Kultura i Wychowanie Editorial Team (thematic editing). Texts approved by the Editorial Team are assessed by external reviewers. Each article is evaluated by two independent reviewers in the double-blind review process, i.e. reviewers and authors do not know each other’s identity.  Once a year a list of the periodical reviewers is published. The review is in a written form and ends with a conclusion on the text’s approval for printing or its rejection. Upon the author’s request the Editorial Team makes the contents of the review available to the him/her. In case of positive assessment of the text by two reviewers, the text is accepted for printing. In case of one positive and one negative review, the Editor-in-Chief decides whether the text should be published or reviewed by another reviewer. In case of two negative reviews, the text is rejected. After editorial processing and proofreading by the language editor, the text is sent to the author for approval.